How to Retrieve Deleted Items From Mobile Phones

Updated March 23, 2017

SIM cards are memory cards which stores all the data in a mobile phone. The SIM card contains all types of saved data, such as missed messages, message history, personal cell phone information, ICC identification and the like. It is possible to retrieve accidentally deleted things from your mobile.

Attain the SIM card data recovery software from Pro Data Doctor. This program retrieves deleted items from your cell phone and costs £44 as of December 2010. Insert your phone's SIM card inside the USB SIM card reader, attach the card reader to an open USB port in your computer and load the program. Data such as contacts, messages, drafts, copies and sent items are retrievable with this program. It also can retrieve the phone's IMSI number and ICC mobile identification number. This needs a USB SIM card reader peripheral.

Buy SIM Card Data Rescue, which retrieves all deleted items, such as sent, deleted or drafted messages. You can also get your phone's IMSI and ICC identification details. The SIM Card Data Rescue costs £44 as of December 2010. This needs a USB SIM card reader peripheral.

Purchase the SIMCon software for £83, which is another SIM data recovery software option. This program can recover deleted messages in addition to stored numbers plus records. SIMCon is compatible with USIM and SIM cards. This program also needs a USB SIM card reader peripheral.

Things You'll Need

  • USB SIM card reader
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