How to Make a Baby Mobile Hoop

Updated April 17, 2017

Mobiles make an attractive addition to any baby's nursery over the crib or changing table. While there are many options available in stores that play music, light up or match specific nursery themes, you may find yourself searching for something a little simpler to hang in your nursery. The most straightforward way to make a baby mobile is to attach your decorations to a simple hoop to hang from the ceiling. Instead of trying to fashion a perfect hoop out of wire or cardboard, use a simple and inexpensive embroidery hoop.

Purchase a wooden embroidery hoop in the size you desire for your mobile.

Twist the metal screw to the left to loosen and separate the two hoops. Use the inner hoop without the metal screw for your mobile.

Cut your string to twice the length you want your hoop to hang from the ceiling plus 1 inch for the knot. Be very careful that baby cannot reach the mobile, since the strings are a strangulation hazard and decorations could be choking hazards.

Fold your string or twine in half and knot the loose ends together.

Place the folded end of the string under the hoop with the fold pointing towards the centre of the hoop.

Slip the knotted end of the string over the hoop and through the loop formed by the folded end.

Pull the knotted end of the string so the string pulled through the loop is tight against the hoop.

Attach at least two more strings evenly spaced around the hoop.

Wrap a piece of decorative ribbon tightly around the hoop to cover the strings if desired, gluing the ends into place.

Hang the mobile by looping the knotted ends of the strings around a hook drilled into the ceiling.

Attach more strings and decorations hanging down from the hoop to finish your mobile.


The mobile should never be hung within reach of your baby to avoid strangulation and choking risks from the strings or decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden embroidery hoop
  • String or twine
  • Scissors
  • Ceiling hook
  • Mobile decorations
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