How to Make a Kid's Driver's License for Play

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids imitate their parents or older siblings. Many games they play or toys they play with replicate what grown-ups use in everyday life. A real driver's license is a good guide to use as to what should go on a child's play license. The idea is to replace the information on the real license with the child's information.

Scan a copy of a real driver's license and a small photograph of the child. Save the scanned items to the graphic's software application in the "JPEG" file format.

Measure the size of the real driver's license, 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Using the photo-editing software, crop the person's picture from the real license and delete it. Open the child's photo file and resize the photograph to fit the space deleted. Copy and paste the resized photograph into the deleted space.

Crop the name and information from the real driver's license and replace the information with the child's vital information, such as name, address, date of birth, gender, height, colour of eyes and hair. Try to use the same font and font size as the font used on the real license. Replace the license number with a fictitious number.

Save the work and print it out on card stock paper. Cut the printout to the size of the real card's dimensions.

Place the child's play driver's license in a self-sealing laminator pouch. Peel a sheet layer and place the card underneath. Press the sheet back in place and cut the sheet along the contours of the driver's license.

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock paper
  • Computer and printer
  • Photo-editing software
  • Small photo of child
  • Self-sealing laminating pouch
  • Clear ruler
  • Scissors
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