How to Check Marital Status in Malaysia

Whether an individual is married in Malaysia while on vacation, or married as a permanent Malaysian citizen, his marital status is a matter of public record. The NAS (National Archives of Singapore) maintains the records for all marriages taking place after September 15, 1961. The marriage records are sorted into two different groups, non-Muslim and Muslim.

Visit the Singapore Registry of Marriages website to access the "Search for Marriage Records" portal (see Resources). If you are searching for the marital status of a Muslim, use the Registry of Muslim Marriages instead of the aforementioned portal.

Click "Search for Marriage Records." If you are a citizen or permanent Singapore resident, you can select the option to search for free. You can only use the free search option twice per year.

Enter the name of the person for whom you want to check marital status. Be sure to enter exact spelling for accurate results. You can also enter the individual's date of birth, NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) number or passport number. Click "Submit."

Enter valid credit card information to pay for your search. As of December 2010, the search fee was £22. It is non-refundable, regardless of search results.

View the search results. If no marriage record is found, it only means there is no Malaysian record of the individual's marriage. If the individual was married in another country, the records will not show in the Singapore database.


If you would like to check the status of marriages that took place prior to September 15, 1961, call or write the NAS at: National Archives of Singapore 1 Canning Rise Singapore 179868 Telephone: 6332 7909

Things You'll Need

  • Valid credit card
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