How to Track Incoming & Outgoing Phone Calls

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are considering an upgrade on your mobile phone plan or you need to keep an accurate count of who is calling your home number, tracking incoming and outgoing calls is paramount when maintaining a phone line. Most phones hold only a small amount of numbers in the call history so your best bet to track incoming and outgoing calls is to get a hold of the phone records through your service provider.

Access the menu of your cell phone and click on the option that takes you to your recent calls. This will most likely be accessed through the main menu or by pressing the send button.

View the phone numbers listed in the "Missed," "Received" and "Dialed" sections to view all incoming and outgoing calls.

Write down the numbers in a notebook to keep the information for your records.

Sign in to your account at your cell phone provider's website using your mobile number and password. Click on the link that displays your current bill.

Select the option that allows you to view the usage details of your bill and choose to review the "Call" details. The cell phone call records will include the phone number contacted, date and duration of the call and whether the contact was incoming or outgoing.

Download the information to your computer with the "Download" link offered by most cell phone carriers. Save the records in a file or print a hard copy of the information.

Call the billing department of your landline or VoIP telephone company. Follow the prompts to speak to a customer service agent. Provide all requested information including your first and last name, phone number and mailing address.

Explain to the agent that you need to review all incoming and outgoing calls on your phone line. Tell her what months you need to review. Ask if she can order copies of those records.

Verify if the phone company charges any fees for that service. Request an estimated date of delivery for the records.


Keep a personal log of all calls on your phone by entering the date, time and phone number in a journal. If you do not have access to the Internet, call your cell phone carrier and request the incoming and outgoing records. The call history on your cell phone will only display a set amount of records. Check the history frequently for an accurate account of all calls.


Some phone companies may charge a fee for ordered copies of you phone bill.

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