How to Find Out What Happened on Your Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Ever since history has been recorded, people have had a fascination with remembering which events occurred on a certain date throughout the year. People then commemorate or celebrate those events on or around that date. While certain events, such as the birth of America on July 4, 1776, are well documented, others are not as common. With a few cursory Internet searches, you can determine what famous events occurred throughout the world on the very day you were born. And, if you become famous enough or participate in a significant event, your name might just be mentioned on those very same websites one day.

Search phrases such as "dates in history" or "what happened on my birthday" in multiple search engines. For instance searching "dates in history," or "what happened on my birthday" will produce a bevy of results with websites dedicated to information about famous events which occurred. Select one of those websites.

Visit one of the websites that the search produced.Searching "dates in history" through Google, returns the website Dates in History. (The subtitle of the website is What Happened on my Birthday?) Other results include History Orb and His Dates.

Select your birth year, month and date to perform a search within the website. Certain websites allow you to search by year, while others do not offer that option. Dates In History instructs you to select just your birth month and day. The website then populates a list of famous events which occurred on that day throughout history by year. History Orb allows you to choose a specific year to go along with the month and date you choose and populates their results that way.

Read up on the historic events which occurred. You will be able to read about other famous people who were born on your birthday, national and world events, famous sports victories, business transactions and other historical information.


Create a novelty birthday card for a friend or loved one by searching their birth date on one of these websites. Then take several of the events and list them in the card. You can also perform this search by birth year on some websites. This will give lists of other people who were born the same year, and important national and world events which occurred during the year of your birth. Finding out what happened on your birthday makes an excellent activity for elementary school students. They can learn about the event, and then report in detail what happened. Younger students might draw a picture of one of the events, while older students might write a report about one of the events.

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