How to Thread a Bobbin on a Singer Merritt Sewing Machine

Updated April 17, 2017

The bobbin for your Singer Merritt sewing machine holds the thread which is used to form the bottom of the double-threaded seam line as you operate the machine. Double-threaded seam lines provide a strong re-enforced seam line which is more durable and will last longer. These seam lines also appear neater and more organised than single-threaded seam lines. Bobbins can be constructed from either metal or plastic and they are relatively simple to thread on the Singer Merritt sewing machine.

Set the spool of thread onto the spool pin. Slide the spool holder onto the spool pin on top of the spool to keep it in place.

Rotate the knob inside the hand wheel toward you while holding down the hand wheel to keep it still.

Locate the bobbin winder beneath your Singer Merritt's top cover. Pull the thread around the thread guide. Pull the thread through the bobbin winder tension disk.

Push the end of the thread through the hole in the bobbin and position the bobbin on the spindle.

Slide your bobbin winder to the right and push down on the foot pedal to start your Singer Merritt.

Release the foot pedal when the bobbin is full and slide the bobbin winder to the left. Set the bobbin inside the bobbin case and slide the cover over it.

Things You'll Need

  • Singer Merritt sewing machine
  • Bobbin
  • Thread
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