How to make sock teddies

Updated February 21, 2017

Teddy bears are toys that children of all ages can enjoy. You can buy them new or make your own at a factory store, but there is a much simpler and cheaper way. Using just one old pair of clean socks, you can make a sock teddy that will last for years. Companions to the traditional sock monkey, these bears are homemade American classics made from simple items around the house. Traditionally, these are made with red-heeled socks.

Turn one sock inside out and sew two seams from one inch below the heel to the toe, about one half inch apart and across the rib. Cut between these seams to about 1-1/2 inches below the heel, and turn the sock right side out again.

Stuff the sock and shape the legs as needed, and then sew up the opening at the top and near the rib to spread the legs apart and complete the body shape.

Tie the ribbon around the neck and shape the head of the teddy bear. The tighter the ribbon is tied, the floppier the head will be. From the second sock, cut out the toe and then slightly stuff it.

Sew the stuffed toe to the front of the head where you want the nose to be and make sure to pull the head down toward the chest and sew it securely to help shape the face and keep it from sticking straight up.

Use the black yarn to sew an upside-down triangle nose, the brown yarn to stitch the mouth and use the buttons for eyes. Then cut four equal sized half circle pieces from the second sock to make the ears.

Sew the ear pieces so that two are together with the wrong sides up and the stitch around the curve. Once stitched, turn the ears right side out and stuff them slightly and then stitch them to the sides of the head. Pinch the fabric in front of the ears when stitching to create a pleat, which will make the ears bend forward.

Turn the remaining piece of sock inside out, and cut it into two pieces. Sew a seam to close the opening so that only the top has a hole. Flip them right-side out, and then stuff them to make the arms.

Attach the arms to the side of the bear with a few stitches and go over any areas you may have missed to make sure no stuffing is poking out or that any holes have been missed. Tie a bow around the neck and then decorate the bear as you wish.

Things You'll Need

  • One pair of long socks (preferably with a different colour heel)
  • White thread
  • One inch coloured ribbon of your choice
  • Brown yarn
  • Black yarn
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Buttons
  • Cotton stuffing
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