How to Sew Satin Ribbon Trim

Updated April 17, 2017

Want to take your sewing project from ho-hum to wow? Sew satin ribbon trim on any sewing project from pillowcases to outfits. Satin ribbon can be used to trim the edges of a dress, add a decorative element to home decor and decorate just about anything. Sew satin ribbon trim by hand for the best look as sewing machines can leave very visible stitch lines.

Cut the ribbon to fit. Measure the edge of your sewing project and then use your sewing shears to cut your ribbon to the same length (adding a ½ inch for any mistake).

Pin the ribbon to the project. Use straight pins to pin your satin ribbon trim to your sewing project. Use as many pins as you need so that the ribbon stays in place. Satin ribbon is notoriously slick so a lot of pins may help it from slipping.

Sew the ribbon to your project. Sew the ribbon using a hemming stitch to sew it to your project. Coats and Clarks says that a hemming stitch is done by taking a small stitch in the garment just below the first stitch, at the same time putting the needle in the hem edge at least 6mm (¼") ahead and then pulling the needle through the fabric. Continue until you reach the end of your satin ribbon trim. Sew both the top and bottom of the satin ribbon for security.


Use an iron on a low heat setting to press the satin ribbon trim giving your work a sleek and smooth finish.

Things You'll Need

  • Satin ribbon
  • Sewing shears
  • Straight pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Iron
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