How to decorate one bedroom with two single beds

Decorating a bedroom with two single beds is not complicated. Keep in mind the use of the room when deciding upon colours and decor styles. If the room is a guest bedroom or for the use of one occupant, the design of the room will vary then if the room has two occupants that share the bedroom area. Two beds in one normal-sized bedroom can visually decrease the size of the room, so it is important to use decor that will maximise the space.

Use matching bedding for the single beds. This creates visual flow and prevents breaking up the space. Avoid monotony by having different coordinating throw pillows for each bed.

Place a nightstand in between the two beds. This allows for each person to make use of an alarm clock or reading lamp.

Position the beds as close to the nearest side wall as possible to allow extra walking space in the bedroom.

Paint the walls in a pale pastel or light neutral shade. Pale colours visually enlarge the area.

Use two different paint colours on the side walls of the room if you have siblings that need to express their individuality, but choose colours that complement, contrast or are in the same colour family. Paint the wall behind the head of the beds -- the focal point of the room -- with vertical stripes. Form the stripes by placing masking tape on the wall to form stripes that are 6 inches in width. Paint the focal wall with one of the colours and paint the stripes the other colour in the room. Remove the tape once the paint dries. This allows the individuals to have their own colour choice and the stripes make the colours blend in a creative way.

Place an area rug in between the two beds that coordinates with the bedding and wall colours.


Use multipurpose furniture in the room to save space, such as cedar chests, benches and ottomans with hidden storage. These pieces provide both seating and storage.


Avoid too much decor in the room, this adds clutter and makes the space appear smaller.

Things You'll Need

  • Bedding
  • Nightstand
  • Wall paint
  • Masking tape
  • Area rug
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