How to Make a Wicker Basket Dog Bed

Wicker baskets made for a dog bed can be crafted from a variety of materials, such as reeds, canes or twigs. Reed is available in various lengths, diameters and colours. Reeds are flexible and long and can be used to construct a dog-bed basket by interlacing various colours, lengths and sizes to form a creative and attractive dog basket.

Take eight of the 24-inch pieces of number 4 reed. Line four of them up together, alternating thick and thin ends to get a more level surface. Do the same with the other four.

Select one set of the four aligned reeds from the above step. Find the middle of the length. Find the middle of the other set of four. Set one group across the middle of the other at the middle so that the top set is perpendicular to the bottom set, forming a cross.

Select a number 1 reed. Lift up the cross while holding the reeds in place. Take the end of the number 1 reed.

Leave a length of 1 ½ inch extension of number 1 reed and start on the left bottom side of the cross where the two sets of number 4 reeds cross and place the number 1 reed underneath, across the diagonal.

Take the long end of the number 1 reed and lift it up and wrap it over the top set of 4 reeds that extend to the right, keeping close to the cross. Then go under the bottom 4 reeds continuing around the top and bottom until three wraps are complete. This anchors both sets of 4 reeds together.

Separate the extended portions of the two sets of number 4 reeds so that they form 16 spokes, like a bicycle wheel, each reed being evenly spaced from the others.

Tie a thread to the spoke where the number 1 sized reed was left as this is the starting point for weaving.

Weave with the number 1 reed out from the centre of the cross until a width of weaving around the centre of the cross reaches ½ inch.

Cut the end of the 1-inch reed on a diagonal (bevel) with the side-cutting pliers keeping the end is on the inside (top) of the spoke that has the thread tied to it.

Select the number 2 sized reed and cut the end with the side-cutting pliers so that it is bevelled.

Place the cut end of the number 2 reed on the inside (top) of a spoke behind the point where the number 1 reed ends. Weave around until a width of 24 inches is added ending at the spoke with the thread by leaving and extra 1 inch. Cut a bevelled end with side-cutting pliers. Use the knitting needle to open up the weave and tuck the end into the already woven area.

Select 32 number 4 sized reeds that are 24 inches long and cut one end of each to a point.

Add 16 of the pointed end 24-inch long spokes to the base. Open the weave to the right of a spoke with the knitting needle. Push in a new reed, pointed end first, into the centre. Continue around until all of the new spokes are added.

Cut the original spokes off at the edge of the base.

Add 16 of the pointed end 24-inch long spokes to the base. Open the weave to the left of the old cut off spoke with the knitting needle. Push in a new reed, pointed end first, into the centre. Continue around until all of the new spokes are added.

Soften the reeds in water for 20 minutes.

Hold the base upside down and bend the spokes down.

Weave with number 2 reed, marking the beginning with a thread. Add new lengths of reed as needed. Continue around until the spokes are held to shape. Turn the basket over and continue weaving until a height of 6 inches if formed. This forms the upright portion of the dog basket.

Finish the top edge by selecting a spoke and wrapping it around behind the spoke to right of it and then to the outside. Select the next upright spoke and repeat moving around the basket from left to the right. The last upright spoke is bent over and the end slid though the loop made by the first spoke that was bent over.

Take the tip of the beginning spoke and go over two spokes. Pass the end of the spoke through the loop, made the first time around the top edge, into the inside.

Cut an angled edge on the ends of each spoke with the side-cutting pliers close to the inside edge of the top.

Remove thread.


Soak the reeds for 20 minutes if they are difficult to bend.


Use care when cutting reeds.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-inch side-cutting pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread
  • Heavy scissors
  • 26-inch knitting needle
  • Reed in sizes 1, 2 and 4, each 24 inches long
  • Large pan
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