How to Calculate Pedometer Steps in Weight Watchers

Updated March 23, 2017

The Weight Watchers pedometer counts your walking or running steps and converts them into distance and Weight Watchers points. These points contribute to your overall activity monitoring to allow a convenient way to track calories burnt without excessive math. To calculate distance and the resulting points value, the device must know how long your stride is so it knows how far you travel with each step. You can calculate your stride by measuring the distance between steps. However, the result is more accurate if you take an average among several steps.

Stand on the ground and mark where the tip of your left toe is.

Take 10 steps and mark where your right toe landed on the 10th step. If you are using your pedometer to measure walking distance, walk normally during these 10 steps. If you wish to estimate jogging or running distance, then you should jog or run these 10 steps.

Measure the distance between the two marks using your tape measure.

Divide the distance by 10 to calculate your average stride. As an example, if you measured 30 feet, then your average stride is 3 feet per step.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
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