How to Make Your Own Vacuum Bag

Updated February 21, 2017

A vacuum bag is a useful tool for storage, shipping or travel. The idea is simple; you place your items into commercial vacuum bags and fix the end of your vacuum to the built-in gasket on the bag. The excess air in the bag is removed and you have saved a lot of space. Unfortunately, you will spend a lot of money by having to buy a new bag every time you need one. You can save yourself the trip to the store by making vacuum bags at home.

Place the things you want to pack into a heavy-duty garbage bag. Fold the items first and try to arrange them as neatly as possible in the bag.

Gather the opening of the bag in your hand, making sure you are holding the entire open edge securely.

Slip the end of the vacuum hose into your hand so the hose enters the bag. You should hold the bag tightly around the hose and not let any air out or in.

Start the vacuum and let it run until all of the air inside the bag is removed. This will only take a few seconds, depending on how powerful your vacuum is.

Pull the hose out of the bag and quickly clench the bag closed in your hand.

Spin the bag several times so you get a twisted neck below your hand and wrap a rubber band around it until it is very tight.

Wrap the vacuum bag in thick packing film to protect it from ripping or catching on pointy items near it.


Store winter clothes and blankets in vacuum bags during the summer to save a lot of the space in your closets.


Do not pack high-pressure items in vacuum bags that may cause damage if they cause the bag to burst.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-duty garbage bags
  • Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment
  • Rubber band
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