How to Send Birthday Balloons Abroad

Updated April 17, 2017

Sending a faraway loved one an e-mail for his birthday is as simple as a click of a button. However, if you are searching for a tangible way to evoke a celebration of his birth, you may look to helium-filled balloon bouquets. Balloon Planet, a Seattle-based company, delivers international balloon bouquets to some cities in Russia, Singapore, the Netherlands, India, Germany, Canada and Australia. With two-days' advance notice, you can send balloon bouquets across the seas. Shiny metallic Mylars or royal, jewel-tone latex balloons will send a special message of love that a dancing bear e-mail does not quite convey.

Decide on a bouquet to fit the feel of the celebration. There are many styles and themes to choose from. A classic birthday bouquet might include primary colour latex balloons with a larger "Happy Birthday" Mylar. Champagne-themed balloon bouquets abound as do youthful animal arrangements and other styles.

Contact Balloon Planet at least two days in advance to place your order. You will need a credit card for payment and the recipient's address. As of 2010, minimum orders are £29.20 with additional delivery and processing fees that vary depending upon delivery area.

Place a follow up e-mail or phone call to the birthday person to make sure he received your gift.


Chose the bouquet style you would like to send by browsing the selection on the Internet before placing your call. Have the wording for your card planned before calling and your credit card accessible to expedite the process. There are many companies that will deliver balloon bouquets abroad, and a search of the Internet will reveal others.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone
  • Credit card
  • Address of the recipient


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