How to sell antique dolls

Updated April 17, 2017

Antiques are enjoyed by many people because of the stories they carry from years past, which are often family related. Some people also enjoy antiques because of their ability to appreciate in value over time. Antique dolls are a popular item that can draw hundreds or even thousands of dollars at an auction or antiques store. If you are interested in selling antique dolls, there are a few tips your should use to help maximise the selling value of your antique doll.

Have your antique doll appraised. An antiques appraiser evaluates an item to determine how much the item can expect to bring at an auction or antiques store. Choose an appraiser who has experience with antique dolls. Never choose an appraiser who also wants to buy from you.

Research antique doll sales to familiarise yourself with the features that make your doll valuable. This information will aid you when negotiating with a dealer and protect you from being taken advantage of.

Sell your antique doll through an antiques dealer or antiques auction. When approaching a dealer or auctioneer first attempt to work a deal out on consignment. If you sell your doll on consignment, ask for 60 per cent to 80 per cent of the final sale price. You can also attempt to sell your doll outright to a dealer. If you choose to sell the doll outright, you should ask for 50 per cent of the doll's value. Whichever option you use to sell you doll, you should make sure to write up a contact in order to protect you financially and legally.

Use a website, such as eBay or a personal website, to sell your antiques dolls. eBay suggests, when selling antiques, that you upload pictures showing your antiques from all angles and place them in the photo gallery. The site also suggests that you place a low starting price with no reserve. This will help create the crucial first bid that will generate more interest by other antiques buyers.

Attend antiques festivals and fairs. There are many antique fairs and festivals that occur across the country throughout the year, most notably, the Antiques Roadshow. At these festivals and fairs there are always dealers, collectors and appraisers that can serve as valuable resources in your attempt to sell your antique dolls. You may even be able to sell to a dealer or collector at a festival or fair.

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