How to celebrate the anniversary of the death of a loved one

Written by renee gerber | 13/05/2017
How to celebrate the anniversary of the death of a loved one
Roses are wonderful to leave on a deceased loved one's grave. (anniversary rose with baby's breath image by Gramper from

Losing loved ones is never easy, but there are ways to remember them in a way that makes it easier to deal with the loss. On the anniversary of your loved one's death, you can fondly remember him in a way that will have you smiling and cherishing the precious time you had with him.

Assemble a get-together with family and friends on the anniversary of your loved one's passing. The best support is from those closest to you and who also loved the deceased. You can have dinner and sit down to share memories of your loved one. Put on a home video featuring the departed if you have one. Watching it may bring out the tears, but you will find a warm smile coming to your face as well.

Light a candle for your deceased loved ones on the anniversary of their deaths. This is a quiet, respectful way to remember the people you cherished in life. If there are children around who question the use of the candle, be sure to explain it to them in a calm, loving manner.

If possible, make a trip to the cemetery to visit your loved one's grave site. Bring a bouquet of beautiful flowers to leave on the grave. Stand by the site and talk to your loved one in your head or even out loud. It can bring a lot of comfort to verbalise how you feel about her, even if she is no longer physically present.

Write a heartfelt letter to your loved one. When you are hurting, it can be extremely therapeutic to write a letter to someone. It doesn't matter if the letter only stays with you because it is still a healthy outlet.

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