How to Buy Dried Corn Husks

The most common use for dried corn husks is as a wrapper for Mexican tamales. Because cooks usually use corn husks for Mexican or ethnic cooking, shopping for dried corn husks often entails a trip to a Mexican or ethnic grocer or a special gourmet shop. Prepare a delicious and spicy treat, wrapped up in a corn husk. The corn husks will seal in the delightful tastes and flavours of the meats, spices and seasonings.

Visit a website that sells Mexican food items such as or Enter "corn husks" into a search box and click "Go." You should find a dried corn husk product available for purchase that you can place into a shopping trolley for purchase online. Purchase the corn husks by using a credit card or debit card.

Find an ethnic "brick and mortar" grocer near you and stop in to shop. Ask a clerk if the store stocks dried corn husks. Chances are you will find them along with other tamale ingredients such as dried chillies and masa harina. Because these corn husks are dry, you can purchase them in sealed packages and reconstitute them by soaking them in water.

Inquire with local farmers or gardeners to see whether you can purchase corn husks from them as they harvest corn from the fields. Because people usually discard or compost corn husks, you may even find farmers or gardeners who are willing to give them to you instead of selling them to you.


If you grow your own corn, save the corn husks and dry them. Spread them in a single layer on a screen and place them in the sun during the day. Bring the screen inside during the overnight hours and then place it back outside during the day. After one or two weeks, the corn husks should be completely dry without any remaining moisture. At this time, place them into an airtight bag or container to store them until you need them.

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