How to Make a Droog Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

In the opening scene of "A Clockwork Orange," Alex de Large and his three droogs, the Russian word for "friend," sit and relax in a milk bar, planning a night of debauchery. Groups of friends, inspired by the iconic cult movie, enjoy dressing as Alex and his gang for costume parties and Halloween. The droogs have subtle variations in their clothing, but the basic costume is similar for all four members.

Purchase the appropriate clothing for your droog. All droogs have the same trousers, boots and suspenders. Their shirts and hats vary somewhat. Alex has a white-collared military shirt with double pockets. Pete has a white dress shirt with no collar. Georgie wears a plain, white knit shirt with no collar. Dim wears a white-collared shirt with pinstripes. Alex and Dim both wear bowler hats, while Georgie wears a top hat and Pete wears a beret.

Alter your suspenders or shirt to look like a specific droog. Alex has bloody eyeballs affixed to his shirt cuffs. You can make these eyeballs by cutting a ping-pong ball in half and painting an eye on it or by purchasing a couple of fake eyeballs from a science or toy store and cutting them in half. Hot glue the eyes to the tops of your shirt cuffs so they rest on top of your wrists when you wear the shirt. Paint red "blood" around the eyeballs. Dim has bloody eyeballs on his suspenders. You can construct and glue on the eyeballs the same way you made the eyeballs on Alex's cuffs. Glue them on the front of the suspenders, about flush with the chest. After gluing, paint long streaks of dripping blood above and below them. Pete has similar eyeballs affixed to his shoulders. Georgie has bloody nipples, which you can make by gluing circles of fabric on your shirt or sticking on circle-shaped band-aids. Paint red, dripping blood in the centre of these nipples.

Put on your shirt, hat, trousers and suspenders. Tuck your shirt into your trousers. Put on your boots, and tuck your trousers into your boots before lacing them up.

Put a codpiece over the crotch of your trousers. You can get a codpiece from some speciality cricket stores or adult stores. If you can't find or afford one, you can make one by gluing cream-coloured fabric over an athletic cup or stuffing a pair of cream-coloured underpants with fabric and wearing them over your trousers.

Accessorise. Alex wore a false eyelash on the bottom of his eye and carried a black cane. Pete wore orange lipstick, blue and pink eyeshadow around his left eye and large cuff links. Dim wore red lipstick.

Things You'll Need

  • Cream-coloured suspenders
  • Cream-coloured tight work trousers
  • Black hat
  • Black army boots
  • White long-sleeved button-up shirt
  • Ping-pong ball
  • Dark red paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cream-coloured codpiece
  • Accessories
  • Make-up
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