How to Use Your Sony Handycam as a Webcam

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony manufactures many different types of electronic equipment include a line of video cameras called the Handycam. The Sony Handycam is a portable device that you can use to take home movies or photos and then transfer them to your computer. This device also can be set up with your desktop or laptop to be used as a webcam, letting you stream video live on the Internet. You will need to connect the Handycam directly to a power source and connect it to the computer with a USB cable.

Remove the battery from your Sony Handycam. You will not be able to stream video from the device if it is running on battery power. Connect the power cord to an open power outlet and connect the other end directly into the power port on the battery panel of the Handycam.

Connect a USB cable into the USB port on the back of the Handycam. Connect the other end of this cord into an open USB port on your computer. When the device is connected, turn on the device by pressing the "Power" button and wait for the device to turn on.

Turn the mode switch on the top of the Handycam to the "Camera" mode. Touch the "Menu" button on the screen to access the menu for your device. Use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to navigate through this menu, highlight the "Standard Set" option and press the "OK" button to enter this menu.

Use the navigation arrows to highlight the "USB Camera" option on this menu and press the "OK" button to access the USB menu. Use the navigation buttons to highlight the "Stream" option and press the "OK" button to activate streaming mode.

Use your computer to connect to the Internet and navigate to a website that uses webcams or open your favourite webcam application on your computer. The Sony Handycam will appear on the list of available webcams to use.


The driver for USB streaming with the Sony Handycam is not compatible with Macintosh operating systems. You will not be able to complete this task if you are using an Apple computer.

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