How to Get a Temporary Phone Number

Updated April 17, 2017

If you need to give people your phone number to be contacted but are concerned about privacy issues, consider signing up for a temporary, valid phone number. This is ideal if you're posting a listing on a website, for example. When a caller dials your temporary phone number, the call will be redirected to your true phone number, and you can discontinue the temporary number whenever you wish.

Visit a website that distributes temporary phone numbers. and both provide this service.

Provide the site with both your e-mail address and your current phone number. These companies will need this information in order to forward calls from your temporary phone number to you.

Verify that you are a human being and not an online spam robot by entering the verification code in the provided box.

Set up your temporary phone number by giving the online company the city and area code where you reside and how long you want to keep your temporary number.


If you're trying to sell an item online but don't want to provide your phone number to possible buyers, it's a better idea to opt for a temporary phone number than to not include one at all. Your buyers will not know it's not your real number and it will make what you're selling much more valid and appealing. You can keep your temporary phone number for as little as one hour to up to one week. Some services also let you restrict when you receive calls routed from your temporary number. If you receive a call during a time that's off-limits, the call will be sent to your voicemail. You can access voicemail messages through your phone or online. Some companies such as require that the caller speak their name when they're placing a call to your temporary number.


You may not be able to get your exact area code for your temporary number. If the website you're requesting a number from does not list your city, you can either request they add your exact area code, choose a nearby area code or try your luck with another site.

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