DIY Haircuts for Men

Updated April 17, 2017

Doing haircuts at home saves money and time needed to visit a barber shop. You can cut your own hair or, better still, ask a family member to help you. Although you probably won't be able to do a fancy haircut without proper training and sufficient experience, a simple men haircut is surely a doable undertaking.

Wash and clean the hair thoroughly.

Dry the hair with a hairdryer.

Adjust the hair clippers to the desired length.

Turn the hair clippers on and run the clippers over your head against the direction in which the hair grows. Start from the front hairline and move up to the top of your head. Then go from the back and the sides, also moving up to the top of the head.

Wash and clean the hair.

Dry the hair with a towel.

Comb the hair. Then cut the outline of the hair to the desired length. First, make a sample cut, against which you'll measure the length of the hair you'll be cutting.

Snip 1-inch wide portions of the hair by holding them between the index and middle fingers When cutting the hair in this way, always compare the newly cut portions of the hair to the ones you've just cut to ensure you cut the hair to the same length.

Wash and clean the hair.

Dry the hair with a towel.

Comb the hair and start cutting it, snipping 1-inch wide portions at a time. Start from the centre section of the crown and progress to the front hairline.

Work sections on the sides of the head. Then work through to the back. The hair's length is not a big issue here. Make sure, however, that the hair that makes up the outlines is of more or less equal length.

Things You'll Need

  • Mirror
  • Hair clippers
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Towel
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