How to Improve Stamina in Badminton

Updated February 21, 2017

Badminton is a recreational sport that is rarely seriously competitive. It is played in the backyard, at cookouts and on the beach. Making the birdie fly is easy enough, but after lengthy play, you may feel as though you don't have enough stamina to keep up. This may be because you're repeatedly using muscles for unaccustomed motions, or it may be because you are not in optimal physical condition. Badminton moves are similar to tennis moves. If you were to train to be in good condition for tennis, badminton stamina would increase, too.

Take spin classes at your local fitness centre or ride a bike. Get your heart rate up into aerobic zone for at least 2 hours per week. This will increase the strength of your heart and capacity of your lungs.

Work out on an elliptical machine or go cross-country skiing if you can. These exercises develop the arm and leg muscles needed for badminton while strengthening the heart.

Walk or run daily. Start slowly at first, walking for 20 minutes per day. As you gain strength, stamina will increase. Since badminton players do a lot of sidestepping and back-pedaling, work out those muscles by walking in intervals sideways and backward on a slow treadmill.

Lift weights for upper body conditioning. Focus on wrists, arm and shoulder exercises. Curls and push-ups strengthen the entire upper body. Make sure to include the shoulder exercises that strengthen the upper back for fluidity of motion, too.

Exercise to increase abdominal muscles and to prevent back injury. Badminton requires core strength because movements are quick and stance is controlled. Sit-ups or crunches will help.

Practice yoga. Flexibility is key to maintaining stamina so that overstressed muscles won't fatigue while playing badminton. Practice sun salutations for spine flexibility. Practice moving from the triangle pose through the warrior series. Increase lung capacity by doing deep breathing exercises as part of your yoga practice.

Maintain a healthy weight. The more fat your body has to carry around, the sooner you will tire. Cut out junk food that creates lethargy.

Eat to gain energy. A balanced diet consisting of vegetables, whole grains and proteins will increase strength, and consequently, stamina.

Quit smoking. Do not drink alcohol to excess.

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