How to Repair KEF Speakers

Updated April 17, 2017

KEF is a British speaker manufacturer that offers a complete line of stereo and home theatre speakers, including wireless systems, floor-standing speakers and surround sound speakers. If your KEF speaker experiences any sort of damage, follow the correct protocol in getting it repaired to ensure you don't void your warranty.

Troubleshoot the speakers. The issue may be due to something simpler than a broken speaker. Check all your connections, ensure that there is power to all your components and follow instructions in your speaker manual for troubleshooting any other issues.

Find your receipt.

Check your warranty and date of purchase. KEF offers a five-year warranty on the passive elements in its speakers and a one-year warranty on the active elements. Depending upon when your date of purchase was and how your speaker was damaged, you may be eligible for warranty repair.

Contact GP Acoustics' (KEF's parent company) customer service at 732-683-2356 to discuss your problem, troubleshoot and set up any needed repairs. Should repair be needed, copy down the Return Authorization Number.

Package your speakers in the original boxes and packaging and return them to KEF. Be sure to include your Return Authorization Number or KEF will not process and repair the return. KEF recommends getting insurance on the shipment. You also should include a copy of the original receipt.

Contact your local authorised dealer. If your repair does not fall under warranty, contact the place of purchase or your local authorised dealer for repair instructions. Only KEF authorised dealers and distributors have the specific components needed to make proper repairs on KEF products. You can search for local dealers on KEF's website.


KEF typically offers service and parts for its speakers for eight to 10 years.


Repair or tinkering by an unauthorised person will void your warranty. Allow KEF or an authorised dealer to perform all repair work.

Things You'll Need

  • Original receipt
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