How to Tie a Japanese Sword Bag

If you are a collector of Japanese swords, it may be of interest to you to learn how to properly put your sword away in a Japanese sword bag. The sword bag protects the sword from dust and will give your sword display a nice, traditional look. The way to tie the sword bag is specific, because you have to preserve the bag itself, as well as the sword. It won't take you long to learn how to tie your Japanese sword bag the traditional way.

Place your sword bag on a table in front of you with the open end on the right, with the flap open and the tassel on the side opposite from you. Slide the sword into the bag, blade first, with the curve of the sword facing you.

Hold one of your fingers at the bottom seam, to prevent the sword from going all the way down against it. You don't want the sword pushing against the seam, because over time it will cause the bag to tear and the sword will become exposed.

Fold the open flap down and wrap the flap against the curve of the sword handle. Wrap the tassel around the handle three times. When you come up to the top, feed the middle of the remaining loose part of the tassel underneath the last wrapped part to create two loops with the loose ends of the tassel extending from the top. Cross the two loops over each other.

Bring the loose ends of the tassel down toward the bottom of the bag, so that it folds over where the cords of the tassel loops cross. Fold the loop facing you over where all of the cords cross and bring the other loop through the opening created when you folded the two loose ends of the cord down. Pull the two ends of the loops to tighten the knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Japanese sword
  • Japanese sword bag
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