How to Make an XBox Boot to UnleashX

Updated March 30, 2017

UnleashX is a dashboard that allows users to install Xbox games to their hard drive, run home brew games, emulators and even operating systems such as Linux. Before installing UnleashX as your default dashboard, it is normally accessed through Evolution X as an application. You can make your Xbox boot to the UnleashX dashboard by simply renaming and moving a few files on your Xbox hard drive.

Download an FTP program available online and install the program to your computer. Double-click on the FTP program set up file to install it. Click "Next" when prompted and choose a directory to which to install the program.

Power on your Xbox and go to the Evolution X dashboard. Open the FTP program on your computer and go to "File," "Quick Connect." Set the port to "21;" the default user name and password for the Xbox are "xbox." Click "Connect" to connect to your Xbox hard drive. The FTP program will display your computer drive on one side of the screen and the Xbox hard drive on the other. You can copy files to and from your Xbox by dragging and dropping the specific file into the directory you want to place it.

Copy the "xboxdash.xbe" on the Xbox C:/ drive to your hard drive to make a backup copy. This is the original Microsoft Xbox dashboard file.

Place the UnleashX "default.xbe" on the Xbox C:/ drive and name a replacement dash name such as "evoxdash.xbe" Copy the UnleashX "config.xml" file to the Xbox C: drive also. This config.xml file can be edited to control different settings of the Xbox such as fan speed and dashboard settings.

Close the FTP program and power down your Xbox. Turn your Xbox back on and it should boot to the Unleash X dashboard.


Installing modified software and dashboards void your Xbox warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • FTP program
  • CAT5 Ethernet cable
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