How to Install Mesh Gutter Covers

Updated July 20, 2017

Installing mesh gutter covers on your home's gutters helps to prevent debris from obstructing your gutters' water flow. Obstructions, if not cleaned regularly, can cause a multitude of gutter problems. Mesh gutter covers make it easier to clean your gutters because they prevent large debris such as leaves and sticks from clogging the gutter. Because mesh gutter covers prevent most debris from entering your gutter, the gutters do not have to be cleaned out as regularly as uncovered gutters. Mesh gutter covers allow you to have more time to enjoy your home instead of spending your time unclogging your gutters.

Put on rubber gloves. Push leaf strainers into the tops of your downspouts. Adjust the leaf strainers' tines so they fit snugly into your downspouts. Pull the tines apart to increase the size of the strainer or push the tines together to decrease the size of the strainer.

Decide how many sections of mesh gutter covers you are going to need. Measure the length of your gutter with a measuring tape. Take this measurement with you when you go to purchase the mesh gutter covers. Calculate how many sections of gutter cover you will need by dividing the length of your gutter by the length of a section of mesh gutter cover. Most mesh gutter covers come in 3-foot sections. Buy a few extra sections just in case.

Cut away an area for the clips by cutting out 3-3/8 inches from each end of the gutter cover's clip side with tin snips.

Slide the uncut edge of the first gutter cover section under the house's shingles. Place the second section of gutter cover next to the first by sliding the short side under the first section. Overlap the sections so the cut-out clip areas line up. Slip the uncut edge of the second section under the house's shingles. Make sure the holes in the mesh are lined up.

Push a gutter pin through the overlapped area of the shingles about halfway between the shingles and the edge of the gutter. Secure the pin to the covers with a ratchet fastener.

Place the rest of the gutter cover sections on the gutter by sliding each short edge under the section before it and slipping the uncut edge of each section under the house's shingles. Line up the cut-out clip areas of the sections, and make sure the holes in the mesh are lined up.

After each section is placed, secure it by pushing a gutter pin halfway up the overlapped area. Secure the pin to the covers with a ratchet fastener.

Secure the covers in place by pushing the gutter clips into the cut-out clip areas of each of the gutter sections.


Always use caution when working on a ladder.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Leaf strainer
  • Measuring tape
  • Mesh gutter covers
  • Tin snips
  • Gutter pins
  • Ratchet fastener
  • Gutter clips
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