How to Play Nintendo 64 on a Digital TV

Written by j.s. copper | 13/05/2017

The Nintendo 64 was released by Nintendo in 1996. This was before digital and HDTVs were even a blip on the average consumer's radar. If you've dusted off your N64 and wish to connect it to your digital TV, you need to have the proper cables. As the video game console is no longer in production, you may have to look online for the correct AV cables.

Plug the Nintendo 64 power adaptor into the back of the unit and into an electrical socket.

Plug the N64 AV cables into the back of the unit. One end of the cable (Multi-Out Connector) plugs directly into the N64, the remaining end consists of three plugs: red, white and yellow. The red and white cables are the right and left audio signals, the yellow cable is the video signal.

Plug the red, white and yellow plugs into the back of your television, matching the colours. There may be more than one video input, be sure to plug all cables into the same component input source.

Connect a controller to the N64. Connect a game cartridge and power on the unit.

Navigate to the Video source on your television via the "Source" or "Input" key.

Things you need

  • N64 AV component cables

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