How to Dress a Wedding Car

Updated April 17, 2017

A well-decorated wedding car is the perfect vehicle to carry you and your new spouse off into your married life, followed by best wishes and love from friends and family. The car will take you through the streets sharing the celebration with everyone who sees it. Tasteful and elegant decorations do not have to be plentiful to be effective. A few well-placed items can liven up the car and provide a lovely backdrop to your send-off.

Tie the four floral corsages to the door handles of the car using white ribbon that extends out from each one. Tie them tightly to prevent slippage during the drive.

Attach one end of the white ribbon around one side mirror by tying a tight bow -- be careful not to obstruct the view. This will be the first arm of the "V" shape you will create. Roll the ribbon out toward the car grille and hook it around the edge. Make sure the loop is secure. Feed the ribbon back toward the other side mirror and tie another bow there. Adorn the rear of the car with a large bow or floral arrangement adhered with strong, double-sided tape; you can also use stickers for simpler decoration.

Tie the remaining six floral corsages to the "V" shape on the hood. Tie three on each side with the flowers pointing toward the windshield.

Write "Just Married" on the glass of the back window with a glass marker. Draw hearts or other decorative embellishments on the side windows, if desired.

Tie tin cans to the back bumper with the wire or string. When the car moves, these will tinkle softly against the pavement.


Tin cans are a traditional option; balloons or streamers can provide the same effect. The glass marker contains washable paint and can easily be cleaned off. However, if desired, a "just married" window cling sign can be used instead, as it is made of vinyl and is easily removed.


Inspect the car thoroughly to ensure driving is safe and the views are unobstructed. Sit in the driver's seat and check all mirrors to ensure there is no blockage.

Things You'll Need

  • "Just married" sign
  • Glass marker
  • White ribbon or crepe paper streamers
  • 10 floral corsages
  • Wire or string
  • Tin cans
  • Double-sided tape
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