DIY Sun Shades for Fish Finders

Updated March 28, 2017

Fish finders, also called depth finders use a display screen and transducer to gather information on the water contents below the boat. Most display screens are mounted next to the steering wheel and may be subjected to intense sun rays or glare. This glare makes reading the display screen difficult without some sort of visor or sun shade. Make a sun shade for these marine electronic devices with some smoke-coloured plexiglass.

Measure the length of the display unit of the fish finder. Set the plexiglass on a work bench and mark a square 6 inches longer on each side than the width of the fish finder display unit.

Put on the goggles and saw the square out of the plexiglass. Sand down the sides to remove sharp edges and frays. Place the plexiglass square into the bench vice so it is bendable. Mark 6 inches from the edge and draw a line at this mark that extends down the length of one side of the square.

Point the heat gun at the plexiglass near the drawn line. Move the plexiglass down in the vice so the line is within a half inch of the edge of the vice wall. Heat the plexiglass at this point and grip the edge of the glass with the vice grips.

Pull the heated glass down so the bend is at the wall of the bench vice and hold it until the plexiglass cools and the bend is permanent. Draw a line on the opposite side of the square the same distance from the edge. Place this side into the vice so the line is within a half inch of the bench vice wall.

Point the heat gun at the line and heat the glass. Grip the glass with the vice grip and bend it at the heated line and hold until the glass cools and the bend is permanent. Remove the visor from the vice. Glue one side of the hook and loop material on the edges of the bent walls of the plexiglass.

Glue the other portion of the hook and loop material to the boat mounting location at the display screen. Place the material on either side of the display screen so the nook and loop material connects when the visor is set over the display screen, securing it as a sun shade.

Things You'll Need

  • Smoke-coloured plexiglass sheeting - 1/4 inch width
  • Bench vice
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Vice grips
  • Heat gun
  • Safety goggles
  • Liquid adhesive
  • Hook-and-loop strips.
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