How to write a CV for an electrical apprenticeship

Updated March 23, 2017

Completing an electrical apprenticeship is a cost-effective way to receive training and real-world electrician experience while earning a moderate wage at the same time. However, these programmes are in high demand, and a professional CV is a necessity when applying. Most people seeking an apprenticeship will have little or no experience as an electrician, so the CV must highlight skills that lend themselves to the field.

Create the header of your CV by typing your full name at the top centre or left of the first page, using large, bold or italic font for visual appeal. Include your current address, phone number and email address below your name in regular font. Below the header, type your "Objective," a one-sentence statement saying you want to become an electrician apprentice.

Type the "Experience" or "Work History" section of your CV. List in reverse chronological order any experience relevant to a career as an electrician. Any electrical work you did as part of a course in school, work experience and, of course, previous electrical apprenticeships should be listed. Each listing should contain the dates of employment or apprenticeship, your title, company or client name, and location. Indent below each listing and describe in detail the responsibilities associated with that position and tasks carried out. Highlight any skills important for an electrician, specifically mathematics, wiring and installation.

Write the "Education" section by listing your educational history in reverse chronological order. Include any electrical training you may have completed as well as your school and further education details. Each listing should contain the degree or programme title, name of the institution, location, and date of completion or graduation. If you enrolled in but did not complete a training course, list the dates of study (month and year). Any licences or certifications should be listed here as well, including the name of the governing entity that granted them.

Create the "References" section at the end of your CV. Write three to six references in alphabetical order, or in order of relevance to the field of electrical services. Each listing should include a full name, title, company name, location, phone number and email address.


In an effort to add more value to their profile, many electrical apprentices add extra information related to the field, including additional languages spoken, customer service skills and experience or driving licence information.

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