How Do I Run a Self Test on a Brother HL-5240 Printer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Some Brother printers, such as the HL-5240, are designed for home or small-office use. During normal operation of the printer, it is common for situations to arise where print quality declines. You can perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine where the problem is originating. The first step in troubleshooting the HL-5240 is to run a self-test.

Turn off the printer by using the power switch at the back-right on the device.

Verify that the front cover of the printer is completely closed. Additionally, check that the power cord is connected to the back of the printer and plugged into a wall outlet.

Hold down the blue "Go" button on the front of the printer while simultaneously using the power switch to turn on the printer.

Release the "Go" button after all of the lights on the front of the printer have illuminated and the light next to "Status" has turned off.

Press the "Go" button one time to print the test page. The results of the test page will provide directions for continuing to troubleshoot your printer.


You can print a "Printer Settings" page by pressing the "Go" button on the front of the printer three times within 2 seconds. This page will provide information about the printer, such as its' media access control (MAC) address.

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