Book Week Costume Ideas

Written by daina galante | 13/05/2017
Book Week Costume Ideas
Clip on a red bow tie to be the Cat in the Hat to complete the costume. (NA/ Images)

Children's Book Week is a celebration for elementary children to read and learn about stories. Often readers and teachers will come to school dressed like favourite and famous book characters. This event happens in early May, and has been held since 1919. It is a celebration of books and reading that is brought to life by costumes and other book-related activities.

Cat in the Hat Costume

Dr. Seuss is still probably the most popular children's author, despite his death. His stories are read and cherished by many children. "The Cat in the Hat" is a story that almost every child knows, or would love to hear being read. The red-and-white-striped hat is the most notable feature of the costume and can be worn with any outfit as a dynamic and unmistakable accessory. However, to create a full costume, pair it with black trousers, a black shirt, whiskers, and some white make-up on the nose.

Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter is a character that is loved by all ages. These series of books can be read in passages to the students during Book Week. Dress up like a wizard, or one of the students from these books. Harry's costume is completed with glasses and the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Both men and women can dress up like Harry, because he is that well known.

Amelia Bedelia Costume

Amelia Bedelia is a famous childhood character from easy readers and small books geared to first- through third-grade reading. Her look is recognisable and easy to create, because she is a clumsy maid who saves the day.

This costume consists of a black dress with black tights, a white apron and a bonnet with pink flowers for the head. She loves to cook and bake cakes and pies, so bringing sweet treats would help finish the look.

Other Book Characters

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the rest of Christopher Robin's friends are familiar characters to children and can make fun costume themes. Women and girls can dress like princesses or fairy godmothers from fairy tales. Men can dress up like "Where's Waldo?" "The Wizard of Oz" has multiple storylines and multiple characters for both men and women to dress as. Many Halloween costumes can serve as costumes for Book Week events.

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