How to Make a Region One Big City in "Sim City 4"

Written by sean barboza
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"Sim City 4" is a simulation game that involves building and managing a city. In the game you can landscape, create mountains and plant trees in "God" mode, or build and run a city in "Mayor" mode. You can even start disasters such as volcanoes, UFOs invasions and hurricanes. In "Sim City 4" you are able to create an entire region of multiple cities. One idea for a "Sim City 4" region is to create a region that is one large city.

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  1. 1

    Create a new region. Click on a square to begin working on a city. In "God" mode, landscape the tile with plants and other things. You can also add mountains or water if you would like. Continue in "Mayor" mode and give the city a name. Also give yourself a Mayor name. Continue to do the same thing for each of your cities or tiles in your region and save the game.

  2. 2

    Go into Mayor mode and build roads and highways by clicking on the transportation menu towards the top left corner of the screen. Click and drag the road out as far as you want. Connect each city by building road connections. When they are connected, you will see a small yellow arrow pointing toward the next city.

  3. 3

    Build power plants in every other city. Go to the "Utilities" menu in the middle of the menu, select the "Electricity" menu with the Lightning bolt icon, and then select a power plant. Pick an area in the city where you would like to place the power plant, then click to build it. Next, go back to the "Electricity" menu and select the power lines. Have the power lines start in the tile next to the plant, and have them run throughout each city area. Connect them to the surrounding cities by dragging them to the edge of the square area. A window will ask you if you would like to make a connection. Click "Yes."

  4. 4

    Begin zoning each tile with different zones. There are three different zones available: industrial, which will bring major factories and high-tech industries; commercial, which will bring office buildings and shops; and residential, where your citizens, or Sims, will live. Each is available in light, medium or dense. Click the "Zones" button on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and then click and drag over an area of tiles to zone however much you want. Continue doing this for each city in your region. Press the "Play" button when you are done doing this for each city; you will notice that development and construction on the zone land has begun.

  5. 5

    Build utilities such as water pumps, landfill and more power lines. Connect them to the neighbour cities and make deals where you buy or sell utilities from them. This is convenient and will allow you to share the utilities and lessen the need for extra water pumps or power plants.

  6. 6

    Build plenty of police and fire stations in each city. These public services will make sure that your Sims are safe and protected. Also build plenty of hospitals and clinics in your cities. When there are more of these, your Sims will be healthier and their life expectancy will improve. This will also make your Mayor Rating go up. Also build educational institutions such as schools, colleges or universities in your cities. With these, your Sims become smarter, demand for high-tech industry will grow, and more businesses will move to your region.

  7. 7

    Build airports or seaports in your region. These will also help to grow your region by bringing more businesses and industries to the cities. This will also cause more Sims to move in as a result of the opportunities being created for them.

  8. 8

    Monitor your region's population. You can see this when you exit your city and select "Exit to Region." Check this periodically to see how much your entire region has grown. You can also see how many industrial and commercial jobs there are in your entire region.

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