How to Hide Surround Sound Speakers

Updated April 17, 2017

Surround-sound speakers deliver cinema-like audio to your home theatre system. Most home theatre surround sound systems require a minimum of five speakers and an additional subwoofer that will immerse listeners in sound in a way that standard speakers cannot. Ensure these home theatre components transition seamlessly into your home decor Consider ways that you can make them barely noticeable.

Buy surround sound speaker covers from a home decor or home improvement store. Some stores feature furniture pieces designed specifically for housing these speakers. You may also conceal them in specially designed vases or accent pieces such as lamps, clocks, baskets or decorative trunks.

Place bookshelves near where you will put speakers. You may then use plants or other home items to conceal their presence. Even if you stack them among books or videos, the speakers may blend into the background of the shelf. If you prefer to mount the speaker on the wall, use small floating wall shelves to hold them. Place the shelf in an inconspicuous corner of the room.

Hide the wires for surround speaker along the baseboards whenever possible. Conceal outdoor surround speakers inside of garden decor especially designed for them. You may find waterproof receptacles in the shape of rocks or tree stumps and may find clever potted plants, water fountains and decorative statues that accommodate speakers. Some accent pieces are so realistic that visitors will not notice they are speakers.

Install wireless speakers to avoid having unattractive wires running through your room.

Choose inwall or in-ceiling surround speakers. They require more installation work since you will have to cut a hole in the walls and run the cable, but they will give the room a seamless finished look.


Do not sacrifice the sound quality of your surround sound systems when placing them out of sight. The placement of your speaker critically affects your surround sound experience. The website recommends placing surround sound speakers at the side of the listening area in your room. Subwoofers sound best when placed in the room's corners or near the left- or right- front speakers, while the left- and right- front speakers sound best elevated at the same height as the listeners' ears.


Do not hide surround side speakers inside regular cabinetry. The speakers perform best in a freestanding location. Hiding them in inappropriate housing degrades the sound and sacrifices acoustics.

Things You'll Need

  • Surround sound speakers
  • Shelves
  • Home decor accent pieces
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