How to Paint a Fox Face

Updated April 17, 2017

Face painting activities can be whimsical additions to child's birthday parties. You also can learn the ability when creating a costume for Halloween or a theatrical performance. Painting a fox's face on your own face can imply that you are quick and cunning, but you only need a few tools to pull off a professional-looking face painting technique.

Apply white paint to the triangular sponge. Dab the sponge on your face above your eyebrows, forming rounded triangles; these marks will become the fox's ears. Add more white paint to the sponge. Apply the paint, starting under your nose and going out to your cheeks. Put a small oval of white paint under your bottom lip; this mark is the base for the muzzle.

Add yellow face paint to a sponge. Apply the paint under the fox's "ears" on your eyebrows, around the eyes and down the nose; the yellow and white paint should touch, but not overlap. These marks form the rest of the fox's face.

Add the orange face paint over the yellow, dabbing gently until the colours blend together but are not blurred. The paint should take on a coppery tone; this affect adds a depth of colour to the face.

Grasp a thin watercolour paintbrush. Dip the brush into the black face paint to outline the ears. You can add quick, light brushstrokes around the rest of the face to outline it as well, which gives the illusion of a fox's fur.

Paint the tip of your nose black to make the fox's nose. Use the paintbrush and black paint to draw a thin line from under your nose to your top lip. Add thinly painted whiskers to finish the muzzle.


You can add spray-on glitter to the orange of the fox's face for a unique look.


Let the paint dry completely before moving or going out to ensure your design does not smear.

Things You'll Need

  • White, black, yellow and orange face paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Triangular sponges
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