How to Use a PS3 Guitar for "Guitar Hero" for a PC

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sony PS3 is a seventh-generation video game console that competes with the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360. It offers features such as Internet gaming, external storage, a photo gallery and an online music video download service. "Guitar Hero" is a video game series in which you use a hand held guitar and follow the game prompts to play music and compete with the computer or other players. You can play "Guitar Hero" on the PC if you don't have the PS3 console in a few easy steps.

Download and install "JoyToKey v3.79" onto the computer. Restart the computer if necessary.

Download and install the PS3 "Guitar Hero" config file. Reboot the computer if prompted.

Click the "JoyToKey v3.79" file to extract it. You will see a set of folders created. Move the PS3 "Guitar Hero" config file into the "JoyToKey" folder.

Attach the PS3 "Guitar Hero" guitar to the computer via the USB port. Launch the "JoyToKey" application and select "PS3 Guitar."

Launch the PS3 "Guitar Hero" for PC game either on the desktop if you have it saved there or insert the game media into the computer's CD/DVD drive.

Open the game and click "Options," "Controller," "Configure Keyboard."

Construct the game using these settings:

Green ----- 1

Red ----- 2

Yellow ----- 3

Blue ----- 4

Orange ----- 5

Star Power ----- 6

Whammy ----- 7

Mouse Whammy ----- X-Axis

Strum Up ----- Button 1

Strum Down ----- Button 0

You have now used a PS3 guitar for "Guitar Hero" for a PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Gibson Les Paul PS3 Guitar
  • PS3 Guitar Hero for PC game
  • Computer
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