Troubleshooting Polaroid TV Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

A Polaroid television provides a high-quality, vivid video or cable TV experience for your home or office. Upon using your Polaroid TV several times, you may begin to experience problems with power loss, dim screens and cable reception. Navigating a few instructions and conducting your own maintenance will have your Polaroid TV operating like new again in little time.

Push the "Menu" button on the remote control to access the main menu. You will see a list of options across the top of the screen, including "Audio" and "Video."

Press the right and left buttons among the four-way navigation buttons, located on the remote control near the bottom, to select the "Video" menu from the "Menu" list. You will see several options, such as "Picture Mode," "Contrast," "Brightness," "Saturation," "Hue" and "Sharpness."

Push the four-way navigation buttons to select "Brightness," and then push the right or left navigation button to adjust the brightness of the screen. Raising the brightness number or level will make the screen brighter. Lowering the level will make the screen darker. Adjust the level upward to increase the illumination of the screen's backlight.

Examine the state of the power cord, if your TV continuously loses power. Turn the TV around, so the back is facing you.

Unplug the power cord from the "AC In" jack on the back panel of the television, and inspect the cord's metal contacts for grime or dirt. If the contacts are dirty, clean them with a dry cleaning cloth.

Insert the cord into the "AC In" jack, confirming a secure, snug connection. Inspect the length of the power cord for damage, such as tears, cuts or dents. Replace the cord if it's damaged.

Unplug the power cord from the AC wall outlet. The connection will be reset. Inspect the prongs for dirt or grime, and then clean them, if they are dirty. Plug in a different electronic device into the wall outlet to confirm the outlet is functioning properly. Plug the Polaroid power cord back into the wall outlet, and turn the TV on.

Confirm a proper cable connection from your cable source to your TV by inspecting the 75-ohm cable cord. Turn the TV around, so the back is easily accessible.

Locate the cable jack on the back panel, and unscrew the 75-ohm cable from the jack, which will reset the connection. Inspect the inside of the cable end for blockage or dirt. If you see obstructions within the cable connector, clean it or remove it. Screw the cable end back onto the "Cable In" jack of your Polaroid.

Inspect the length of the cord from the TV to your cable source, which will be a wall jack or receiver, for damage. If the cord is damaged, replace it.

Turn your receiver around, so the back is facing you. Confirm the cable cord has been inserted into the "Cable Out" jack and the 75-ohm cable between your wall jack (or antenna) has been screwed securely into the "Cable In" jack of your receiver.

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