How to Wear an Indian Nose Ring

Updated April 17, 2017

Indian nose rings are an attractive adornment to the nose that can hold other jewellery that drapes across the face and is attached to the hair. This is called a barbell or Nath. They have been worn by women in India for many years, but the actual origination is not clear. Although originally in gold and silver, Indian nose rings now come in a variety of metals including white gold. They can be for pierced noses or you can buy clip-ons.

Wear an Indian nose ring at work but stay away from elaborate pieces. If you are out in the evenings, then you can be more daring as long as it is appropriate for the occasion. Jewellery can certainly enhance an outfit. Choose carefully when deciding to have a piercing. The septum is a bone and there is cartilage in the nostril, so both can take some time to heal. From a fashion point of view, you need to give some consideration as to your appearance once the ring is inserted.

Insert a nose ring in either the septum, which is located in the middle of nose, or in the nostril. Ensure that it has a back or adornment to stop it from falling out. Just like earrings, they are difficult to find once dropped. Remember to always use clean hands when inserting and removing an Indian nose ring to avoid infection.

Add a barbell with a long chain with drop jewels or charms by sliding it over the nose ring before inserting it into the nose. Move the barbell section to the bottom of the nose ring while inserting it, and then attach the other end to the hair. Indian women tend to wear these at weddings or festivals, and Western women may choose to wear them for parties or special occasions.

Remove your nose ring occasionally to clean it and the pierced hole. Do not leave it out for too long though because the hole heals up much quicker than a pierced ear.

Wear clip-on Indian nose rings if your nose is not pierced. These are more suitable for those who only want to wear them occasionally. They can look just as attractive as the ones for pierced noses, but they may be more painful to wear. There are many styles and designs from which to choose.


Pierced noses may take as long as four to six weeks to heal after piercing and need regularly washing and attention during and after the healing process. Dangers of nose piercings include infection, necrosis and septal hematoma. Make sure you are up to date on your immunisation, particularly hepatitus B and tetanus.

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