How to remove pop-up camper canvas

Written by tracy morris | 13/05/2017
How to remove pop-up camper canvas
A pop-up camper can be pulled behind a vehicle. (camping,trailer image by Greg Pickens from

A pop-up camper provides the flexibility of a tent and the comforts of a camper. Once a pop-up camper is parked in place, the user can crank up the roof of the camper and slide out two beds. The beds of the camper are covered with canvas that helps to repel rain and hold out wind or other elements. As a camper ages, this canvas can become mildewed or ripped. You can remove the canvas from a pop-up camper for repairs or replacement.

Examine the interior of your camper where the canvas connects to the walls. You should see a metal bracket that is held in place with L-shaped clamps. The bracket has two parts that pinch the canvas between them to hold it in place.

Loosen the L-shaped clamps from the wall, using a screwdriver.

Slip the top part of the bracket away from the bottom part. The canvas should slip away from the wall easily.

Things you need

  • Screwdriver

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