How to Match Burgundy Rugs & Beige Furniture With Wall Paint

Updated April 17, 2017

Professional designers often create a room from scratch, selecting from a seemingly infinite array of paint and fabric swatches to put together a stylish, perfectly coordinated room. When the average person redecorates, however, she typically has to work with existing furnishings. Picking up your carpet or sofa to bring in for a paint match isn't going to work, so you have to improvise to find the best wall colour for your beige and burgundy room.

Browse the selection of paint swatches at a home improvement or paint store and pick up any hues of beige and burgundy that you think will match your furnishings. Choose a wide array of shades because your colour memory may not be as accurate as you think it is.

Take the swatches home and hold them up against your furniture and rugs to find a good match. You don't have to find identical colours -- shades that are lighter or darker work well for colour coordination.

Go back to the paint store with your chosen colour swatches to find a complementary paint colour for your walls. Beige is a neutral colour that will work with a variety of shades, so match the burgundy first.

Choose the contrast colour of green, which is directly opposite burgundy on the colour wheel, for a bold yet elegant room design. Look for a warmer, deep green to complement browner shades of burgundy. Try crisper, yellow-toned shades of green to work with a more purple burgundy. This rich contrast of colours works well in traditional and Victorian-style homes.

Look for lighter or darker beige tones for the wall to create a more serene setting. Avoid matching the colour of the furniture exactly; the sofa and chairs will disappear against the wall. Exact matches with different textures is also difficult, meaning the colour will look slightly off. Instead, choose a deeper beige shade for a warm and comfortable feel in a family room or study space. Try pale beige walls in rooms with few windows to help reflect both natural and artificial light, while keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Paint three walls beige, with one accent wall in burgundy or contrasting green. An accent wall adds drama to the space and can help highlight a fireplace, large art piece or richly designed furniture. For the burgundy wall, focus on matching the purple or brown tone of your burgundy rugs. Select a lighter or darker shade to distinguish it from the carpet and avoid any near-miss matches.

Take your selected colour swatches back home and hold them up to the various furnishings in the room. While beige is a neutral, some shades of green or burgundy may be more flattering to the grey or yellow tones of your furniture. Try the swatches at different times of day, as varying levels of light can alter the color's tone.

Things You'll Need

  • Colour swatches
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