How to Make a Mad Max Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to create a costume like the one worn by Mad Max in the original 1979 film, you can do so by embellishing some fairly basic clothing items that are easy to find. The key to making the costume recognisable as Mad Max is all in the details, including Mad Max's signature accessories.

Affix shoulder pads to the top shoulder of each jacket arm using double-sided fabric tape. Push silver drawing pins along the circumference of each shoulder pad. The end result should create the effect of studded epaulettes.

Label the silver address sticker "MFP-4073" using the black fine-tip marker, and stick the label on the front left breast of the jacket. This number is Mad Max's officer badge number.

Attach the gold star badge just below the silver sticker on the front left breast of the jacket.

Place the blank white label over the 1.25-inch button. Using scissors, trim along the circumference of the button so it fits the circle shape. Colour the entire button using the light-blue marker. Draw a black cross with a dot in the centre using the black fine-tip marker. Write "MFP" in capital letters at the top of the button using the fine-tip red marker. Pin the button on the upper-left arm of the jacket, just below one of the shoulder pads. This is Mad Max's "Main Force Patrol" badge.

Attach the handcuffs to the belt loops of the black vinyl trousers.

Secure the drop leg holster around the waist and right leg of the trousers.

Pair the trousers and jacket with a light-blue cotton raglan-cut T-shirt.

Add aviator-style sunglasses, black motorcycle gloves and motorcycle boots to complete the look.


For the most authentic Mad Max look, use vintage Australian Rossiter's motorcycle boots, as this was the brand of boot originally worn in the film. If you can't find silver drawing pins, you can substitute them with rivets, or create the appearance of studded epaulettes by dabbing drops of silver nail polish along the periphery of the shoulder pad.

Things You'll Need

  • Black leather motorcycle jacket
  • Black shoulder pads
  • Double-sided fabric tape
  • Silver drawing pins
  • Blank silver address-sized label
  • Black fine-tip marker
  • Gold star badge
  • 1.25-inch button or pin
  • Blank white label
  • Scissors
  • Light-blue marker
  • Red fine-tip marker
  • Black vinyl trousers with belt loops
  • Handcuffs
  • Drop leg holster
  • Light-blue cotton raglan-cut T-shirt
  • Aviator-style sunglasses
  • Black motorcycle gloves
  • Black motorcycle boots
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