Panasonic TV Wall Bracket Instructions

If you have a Panasonic TV, you may want to hang it up on the wall. Most Panasonic TVs come with a wall bracket for mounting the TV for a sleeker look. Though the process of mounting a TV using a wall bracket isn't all that complicated, you may want to enlist the help of a friend to lift the TV onto the wall.

Find the wall studs in the area you want to mount your TV with a wall stud finder. Mark the centre of the studs with a pencil. Hold the wall bracket to the wall. It needs to have two wall studs within the brackets area. Mark where you will drill into the wall studs. This will be where the mounting bolts will be. Set the wall bracket aside.

Drill into the wall studs with a 1/4-inch bit, about one-inch deep. Hold the wall bracket to the wall again and bolt into place. Do not tighten all the way. Adjust the wall bracket so it sits centre between the mounting bolts. Completely tighten the mounting bolts.

Unhook the TV stand from the bottom of the TV. Place the TV screen down onto a soft blanket or surface to avoid scratching or damage. Remove the plugs from the back of the TV to open the mounting holes. Place the mounting arms over the holes in the TV and carefully bolt into the back of the TV. Ensure the arms are aligned with each other and the screen of the TV. Make adjustments, if needed.

Ask a friend or family member to carefully lift the TV and hold it up to the mounting bracket. Hook the mounting arms into the wall bracket and tighten.

Plug the power and video cables into the TV. Adjust the angle of the TV so the screen is facing the direction you want by pivoting the TV on the mounting arms. Tighten the thumb nut to hold it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall mount
  • Stud finder
  • Power drill
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