Patrick Starfish Costume Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Patrick Starfish, who also goes by the name "Patrick Star," is a character from the "Spongebob Squarepants" cartoon. Patrick Starfish is not exceptionally intelligent as a character, but he is Spongebob's best friend. Whether Patrick is your favourite character or one of your friends is going as SpongeBob and you need a complementary costume, you can make a Patrick Starfish costume. Easier methods for producing the outfit require no sewing, but those with sewing skills can create a better version.


The simplest approach to creating a Patrick Starfish costume is to find tight sweatpants and a matching hooded sweatshirt with a hood that can be pressed to a point. Pink is ideal, but a light colour can be dyed pink. You will also need yellow flowered swim trunks. A pair of round swim goggles complete the supplies. Paint black pupils on the goggles in a position that doesn't block vision. Wear the swim trunks over the sweatpants and position the hood to cover the straps of the goggles.

Sewn Costume Pants

Sewing a Patrick Starfish costume will achieve better results. The main pieces are essentially the same, however. Start with a pink pair of trousers. Add internal sleeves on the legs and hip area. Those should be stuffed with fiberfill with a lot of extra bulk at the hips, working gradually down to none at the ankles. Depending on the age of the person wearing the costume, you may want to sew in the feet, giving the proper starfish look at the ends.

Sewn Costume Shirt

A hooded shirt from the same cloth should also have areas for stuffing built into the inside. The waist area going up should taper in toward the shoulders. Work on the trousers and shirt together to get the same basic stuffing level where they overlap. Use the stuffing approach on the arms to taper them from the shoulders to the hands. Pointed fingerless gloves can be built in for the hands, but will make it difficult for the wearer to use his hands. Use stuffing to get the hood to stand straight and work it to a solid point.


An alteration on the top portion of the sewn costume involves sewing the face mask right into the costume. This way the costume itself will bear Patrick's face rather than the wearer's face serving that purpose. Align holes for eyes and to allow for breathing. Yellow swim trunks with blue flowers are recommended for all versions of the costume. Another idea is to adapt a "Conehead" costume prosthetic and use make-up for the face.

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