How to Paint a BMX Rim Without Unspoking it

Updated March 23, 2017

Painting is a delicate process that takes the right planning and materials to create eye-catching results. Painting the rims of your BMX bike requires a few household items to keep from covering your tires and bicycle in a mist of over-spray. You do not have to unspoke your rim before painting it, eliminating the long process of loosening and tightening each individual spoke.

Flip your BMX bike upside down, setting it on its seat and handlebars.

Deflate the bicycle tire on the rim you intend to paint. The tire does not have to be completely flat, but should be flat enough so paper towels can be tucked into the rim.

Place masking tape around each spoke, working your way from the outside of the rim to the centre. You do not need to cover the entire spoke. You need to apply enough tape to protect from paint overspray.

Tuck paper towels in the edge of the rim. Tear each paper towel sheet in half, and wrap it around the tire. Repeat this process until the entire tire is covered, leaving only the rim exposed.

Clean any dirt and grease off of the rim before you paint. Dirt will show up in the paint as small bumps.

Spray primer on the rim to give the paint something to "grip" once it is applied. Hold the primer can approximately 4 inches from the rim and spray an even coat around the rim on both sides. Let the primer dry for a couple of hours before applying spray paint.

Spray paint the rim. Hold the can 4 inches away and use your hand to turn the rim while you apply a light, even coat. Avoid spraying paint heavily, as the excess will cause drips. Let the paint dry in a dust-free room for a few hours.

Remove the paper towels and masking tape. Pump up your bicycle tire.


Paint in a well-ventilated space. Paint fumes are hazardous if inhaled, so take proper precautions.

Things You'll Need

  • Primer
  • Spray paint
  • Masking tape
  • Bicycle tire pump
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