How to Upgrade an Audi MMI

Updated July 19, 2017

The Audi Multimedia Interface, or MMI, is the automaker's proprietary navigation and multimedia system engineered for use in its line of luxury cars. The MMI system has been available on cars as early as model year 2006. Audi has since manufactured new iterations of the MMI hardware and software. Drivers of cars who have an older MMI system can upgrade their system's firmware to use an updated MMI firmware that may fix open bugs and defects with the old MMI firmware as well as introduce additional features.

Turn off your Audi so that the ignition is in the "Accessories" position and the car's electronics system is activated, or start the engine.

Insert the MMI upgrade CD in your audio unit.

Allow your MMi system to recognise the CD that you've just inserted as a software upgrade so that it can initiate the upgrade process.

Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade process, using the MMI menu navigation knob and buttons that are behind your gear lever. The prompts and specific upgrade processes will differ depending on your existing MMI version and the version to which you are upgrading.

Remove the upgrade CD after the upgrade has been completed. Restart your Audi to ensure that the new settings have taken effect.

Things You'll Need

  • MMI upgrade CD
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