How to Recover Deleted BlackBerry Numbers

Updated February 16, 2017

BlackBerry smart phones offer an assortment of business and entertainment features, providing users with a phone that can handle work tasks as well as games, music and videos. While using your BlackBerry, you may receive a call from a person whose number isn't in your address book. If you realised that you needed to keep this number after deleting it from your call log, it's possible to retrieve it. This is done in a few minutes by scrolling through a few of the phone's menus. You may also retrieve deleted address-book numbers if you've previously backed up your contact list.

Go to the BlackBerry's home screen. Hold down "ALT" while typing "LGLG."

Hit "Menu" on the screen that appears, then select "Options." Scroll down to highlight "Event List."

Hit the "Menu" key and choose "Hide All Types." Scroll down to select "PhoneApp."

Press "Menu," then "Toggle Filter." Hit "Menu" again, then "Save."

Read through the numbers on the screen. These numbers are all of the phone numbers that have made calls to your phone. Locate the number that you deleted and select it. The full phone number is shown on the screen.

Download and install BlackBerry's Desktop Software (see Resources). Connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable, then click "Device" and "Back Up."

Click an option to save your contacts. "Full" saves your contacts, plus all other data on the phone. "Quick" backs up all data except your e-mails. "Custom" lets you choose which specific data types to save. Click "Back Up."

Restore all data you've previously synchronised, including deleted contacts, by clicking "Device" and "Restore." Click "All Device Data and Settings," then "Restore." Your deleted contacts are retrieved and sent to the phone.

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