How to Change a Headlamp on a 2001 Toyota Avensis

Updated July 20, 2017

The Toyota Avensis is a large family car produced in the United Kingdom by Toyota. The Avensis, which is in its third generation now, has been a big seller in Europe. Avensis headlight styles do not differ from those of Toyotas released in the United States. When the headlamps do burn out, it is best to replace them immediately, as driving without a headlight impairs a driver's night vision. Headlight replacement takes about 15 minutes.

Open the hood of your Avensis.

Remove the headlight plug that fits into the rear of the headlight assembly. To do this, turn the assembly counterclockwise and pull it free.

Push the old bulb in slightly while turning it counterclockwise until it comes out.

Place the new bulb in and twist it clockwise while pushing gently down on it.

Replace the plug in the headlamp assembly. Replace the assembly in its socket by twisting it clockwise until you hear it click into place.


Avoid touching the bulb except by the base. Oils in your hands can weaken the bulb.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement bulb
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