How to Make Miniature Fairy Wings

Updated February 21, 2017

The popularity of fairies is undeniable. From Disney to folk tales, fairies hold a special place in our hearts. These sprites don't have to be cute and sweet; often, mischievous fairies are just as popular as their friendly counterparts. Any doll can be transformed into a fairy by gluing or sewing on a set of wings. This easy modification is one that any child will love.

Cut four pieces of wire off of the spool. Two should be 10 inches long, the other two should be 8 inches. You can always trim them later if the wings are too large for the doll.

Twist all of the wires together in a tight bundle at the centre, with four wires radiating from the centre on both sides. This bundle forms the centre of the wings and will eventually be glued or sewn to the doll. Position the longer wires on top and the shorter wires on the bottom.

Bend the wires to create the shape of the wings. The longer wires will form the upper structure of the wing, while the shorter wires will form the lower structure (or a second set of wings if you want to use a double-wing design). The more curves and loops you add, the more intricate the wings will be. Pictures of butterflies can offer inspiration for various shapes, or you can create your own.

Fold each wire's end back on itself so that the edges of the wings won't be pointy, then bend the wire as needed to ensure that the wings lay flat.

Lay a piece of cellophane on a clean surface. It can be the size of the entire wing, or only cover part of it if you want to use several colours.

Lightly spray the cellophane with spray adhesive. Low-tack adhesive works fine.

Lay the wings onto the cellophane, then lay another piece of cellophane (the same colour) on top to sandwich the wire in. Press the two pieces of cellophane together.

Repeat this process with other colours of cellophane if you want multicoloured wings. You will build them up gradually, each colour covering a different area until the wires are completely covered.

Trim off the excess cellophane.


You can spray adhesive onto the finished wings and sprinkle on glitter for an even more magical effect. Don't worry if you get wrinkles in the cellophane. They will just look like organic details.

Things You'll Need

  • Thin, stiff wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Cellophane in various colours
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Glitter (optional)
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