How to Know if a G-Shock Is Real

Updated April 17, 2017

Designed for their toughness and longevity, G-Shock watches provide style, comfort and reliability. Watch counterfeiters try to imitate the G-Shock brand because of the technology found inside, including atomic timekeeping, a technology that picks up transmitted signals that automatically recalibrate the watch to the correct time, and solar-powered technology. G-Shock watches include expensive technology that adds to a watch's value, while fake G-Shock watches include imitation parts and technology to increase their value but decrease their production cost.

Check the packaging box. All authentic G-Shock watches come engraved with a bar code and a Casio logo on the packaging box to prove its authenticity.

Ensure that the words "Casio" are printed on the front and back of the watch. Fake G-Shock watches tend to include the following names after the word G-Shock: G-Shock Sport or G-Shock Aqua Sports. Most authentic watches simply include the name "G-Shock" on the watch face and the word "Casio" on the back of the watch.

Check the model number. All real G-Shock models include model numbers to authenticate them. Fake watches list a fake model number. From Casio's G-Shock website, users can check the authenticity of model numbers by selecting the type of G-Shock and the model number.

Compare the LCD and backlight of a G-Shock watch. Fake G-Shock watches contain poorly designed LCD screens and contain dim backlights. Real G-Shock watches are brighter.

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