How to Send a Free Text SMS Message to an O2 Phone

Updated July 19, 2017

Text messaging friends and family can become costly, depending upon your cell phone plan and how much you send and receive text messages. If you have gone over your paid text messages for the month, you can send a free SMS message to someone who has an O2 cell phone using some websites. You can actually use your cell phone if it has Internet access.

Access the Internet from your computer or cell phone if you have Internet capabilities set up. See References for online SMS messaging websites that send a free text message to an O2 cell phone.

Select a website of your choice. Read over the Terms of Service. Some websites may require you to register before sending a text message.

Search through the list of wireless providers to verify that O2 Wireless is an option on the list.

Fill out the designated form on the website to send your free text message.

Verify that you filled out the information correctly. Click "Send Message" when complete. A confirmation page loads, stating your free text message was sent.

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